Capezio Boys Reel Shoes

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The Capezio Boys Reel shoe is a split sole shoe which offers experienced male dancers excellent levels of flexibility.

The light leather uppers fit close to the dancers foot for an excellent shape whilst dancing.

The shoe is fitted with a Concorde Lite heel which is an Open/Championship level heel. It has a curve on the inside to allow easier and clear heel clicks.

This type of reel shoe is extremely popular among experienced male dancers and is worn by the majority of World Champions.

The shoe is not suitable for beginners, younger dancers or those with recent ankle injuries as the shoe does not offer much support and relies on the strength of the dancer's arches for structure.

Please note that the sizing on the bag and the Capezio Boys Reel shoe is in US sizing. So if you are reordering another pair please remember to go down two sizes from that for your UK size. If your Capezio Reel Shoes say size 6 on the tongue then you need to order a size 4 on the website.



Unfortunately, we are unable to offer any manufacturers guarantee on this product as it has been adapted for Irish dance. The leather upper is extremely soft and susceptible to tearing if heels are clicked incorrectly.

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